Hi! You have stumbled upon the semi-cohesive ramblings that make up my bucket list! While I cannot promise you that i will achieve everything on this list and then post about it in a timely manner- I CAN promise you with almost utmost certainty that the list will change. often. And why not? Doesn't life change? And with it our goals and hopes and dreams... as well as our circumstances and abilities? Let me start over... Hi! This is a list of thingsthat i will attempt to accomplish and then write about! I hope you enjoy my journey. There will be lots of detours, i am sure, and since i am not really sure of the destination- then one can only hope i will know it when i get there!
And while i am so excited at the idea of someone reading this- this blog is- in all actuality- for me! So editing will be minimal, grammatical errors will be great, and the therapy that is writing will be had. :)


Well-I must say that i am really excited about this blog- but also nervous about the accountability it presents to me....even if i am just holding myself accountable. It is so easy to want things out of life- even small things like you will find on my list- but not ever take the initiative to go after them. Douglas Adams said that life is wasted on the living....  While he was a cheeky guy- (or at least his books were cheeky)- this quote is so true. There are so many things that we can do, want to do, but never do! Not even huge things- but little things that might not mean much to another person but that YOU want to accomplish,  things that just fall through the cracks, and the space that they once occupied in our minds is filled with mundane things like paying bills and going to the dentist. So I encourage you to start your own bucket list blog! Join me on this journey.....