Hi! You have stumbled upon the semi-cohesive ramblings that make up my bucket list! While I cannot promise you that i will achieve everything on this list and then post about it in a timely manner- I CAN promise you with almost utmost certainty that the list will change. often. And why not? Doesn't life change? And with it our goals and hopes and dreams... as well as our circumstances and abilities? Let me start over... Hi! This is a list of thingsthat i will attempt to accomplish and then write about! I hope you enjoy my journey. There will be lots of detours, i am sure, and since i am not really sure of the destination- then one can only hope i will know it when i get there!
And while i am so excited at the idea of someone reading this- this blog is- in all actuality- for me! So editing will be minimal, grammatical errors will be great, and the therapy that is writing will be had. :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Do you believe that Forks are evolved forms of Spoons?

Do i believe that forks are the  evolved form of spoons? I suppose this could be true- considering that we have the proof of the missing link- the ever elusive "spork." However, this questions assumes that spoons came first. Maybe forks were first, and spoons are just some sort of recessive gene that shows up ever so often. I guess this also depends on your view of evolution. Maybe each  and every fork, spoon, and spork is lovingly made by intelligent design....of course this is assuming that the guy or gal at the fork factory is intelligent... which they very well could be.
So to answer your question- i have to say that i don't know. I do know that in the world of cutlery i would much prefer to be a fork or spoon to the sad existence of the butter knife whose sole purpose is to spread  for everyone.  (bazinga)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Your belly laugh for today...

brought to you courtesy of motivational speaker matt foley from his van down by the river. you are welcome.

I have hit that Lull.....

but I refuse to give in. I am doing ok on goal to write regularly. I conducted interviews and wrote (what i thinks is) a great article for foster focus magazine. The problem is i got a little carried away and it turned into more of a paper, lol. No lie,  it was somewhere around  6500 words. The thing  is- the more interviews i conducted- the more i felt i needed to conduct in order to find out what in the world is going on on the topic (the topic being what happens to youth who age out of foster care in Baton Rouge.) When you write about something that you feel is important- it is hard to decide what to leave out so i have enlisted the help from some family and friends to mark up my article and help me decide what to keep and what to cut. I am also planning on attending a local writers group next month, and of course, to continue blogging.
  I can definately tell it is well into the new year because the promise and magic that i feel on January first is all but gone. Don't get me wrong, i am extremely happy, it just feels like it is back to life as usual. It is so easy to get swept up in the hub-bub and forget that THIS IS IT. That there are no do overs here. So if we want an amazing life- then we have to make one for ourselves. Of course i want an amazing life (and i think i have one that is pretty amazing, if ordinary) but i also want ot give my children an amazing life and right now that just means being here for them and being a constant presence in their day to day. Which is good- because i love being a mother more than just about anything. There is nothing like it. Being a Daddy might be a close second..... but I have to say, in my humble (yet biased) opinion that being a mom is still tops.
   Hmmmm. What else is going on here that might constitute a post on my bucket list blog..... OH! I know! I am probably not going to be able to make it to Tokyo this year to see my bestie Liz- but when Muhammad can't come to the mountain- the mountain will come ot Muhammad! Well- in this instance we are hopefully meeting somewhere else....JAMAICA! I want to go soooo bad (honestly to see liz more than anything- but seeing the long lost bestie in a tropical paradise doesn't hurt things)and if i can get the financial end worked out - well then- i will be there! We purchased a house this year. Let me change that. We purchased a hundred year old house this year so right now we are sinking all of our extra finances into this huge project- but hopefully i will be able to make it work. I mean- people do Jamaica on the cheap, right? right? lol/
Anyway- at this point i am rambeling, but this blog is my therapy and helps keep me sane and today i just needed to ramble.  (I will get the article up here soon.)