Hi! You have stumbled upon the semi-cohesive ramblings that make up my bucket list! While I cannot promise you that i will achieve everything on this list and then post about it in a timely manner- I CAN promise you with almost utmost certainty that the list will change. often. And why not? Doesn't life change? And with it our goals and hopes and dreams... as well as our circumstances and abilities? Let me start over... Hi! This is a list of thingsthat i will attempt to accomplish and then write about! I hope you enjoy my journey. There will be lots of detours, i am sure, and since i am not really sure of the destination- then one can only hope i will know it when i get there!
And while i am so excited at the idea of someone reading this- this blog is- in all actuality- for me! So editing will be minimal, grammatical errors will be great, and the therapy that is writing will be had. :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Being in a Parade..

I know that this one is really silly to most people- but i love parades! How could i not, seeing as how i live in south Louisiana and we have parades for everything? I have always wanted to be on a float and throw beads, and just have a good time.....but never really knew how to go about doing it. Well- this past year was the very first Baton Rouge Halloween Parade. I knew that this was my chance to get in on the parade action. I love love love Halloween, so not only was this a new parade- but one for one of my favorite holidays! I did a little research online- and sent a few emails, and eventually had the forms i needed to register my krewe. The only problem was- I didn't really have  a krewe, yet, and while my friends are some of the most awesome people on the planet- they sometimes don't share my A.D.D. driven enthusiasm for tasks that seem to be kind or...errr.... out of our league.  I thought we would have to settle for being a walking krewe (which was going to take a little more coaxing to get my peeps to agree to walk- but i am sure they would have came around!). Luckily for me- Baton Rouge is still a small town at heart and through family- I actually found out i "knew" some of the founders of the parade. Also luckily enough- They had a krewe that needed a leader- and more members! Krewe of the Cerebrum Snackers was formed- and we our float, which was a zombie wedding theme entitled "just buried" won third place.  Next year we will be bringing home first. ;) I will post pics from the 2011 parade.

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