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And while i am so excited at the idea of someone reading this- this blog is- in all actuality- for me! So editing will be minimal, grammatical errors will be great, and the therapy that is writing will be had. :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Do you believe that Forks are evolved forms of Spoons?

Do i believe that forks are the  evolved form of spoons? I suppose this could be true- considering that we have the proof of the missing link- the ever elusive "spork." However, this questions assumes that spoons came first. Maybe forks were first, and spoons are just some sort of recessive gene that shows up ever so often. I guess this also depends on your view of evolution. Maybe each  and every fork, spoon, and spork is lovingly made by intelligent design....of course this is assuming that the guy or gal at the fork factory is intelligent... which they very well could be.
So to answer your question- i have to say that i don't know. I do know that in the world of cutlery i would much prefer to be a fork or spoon to the sad existence of the butter knife whose sole purpose is to spread  for everyone.  (bazinga)

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